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Coral Reef Fishes: Caribbean and Indo-Pacific by Ewald Lieske and Robert F. Myers


A handy guide to all fishes likely to be seen by anyone snorkeling or diving the coral reefs and associated habitats of the Indo-Pacific and western Atlantic to a depth of 200 ft. Enables the reader to quickly identify 2,074 species featured in 2,500 color illustrations showing male, female and immature color phases as well as geographic variants with pointers highlighting important features. Introduction covers evolution and biogeography, a description of the coral reef environment and its habitats and the ecology, behavior and life histories of fishes, conservation and dangers posed by certain species. Individual species accounts include identifying features and notes on habitat, depth range, ecology and distribution. No other book covers as many species in as little space. Perfect for the traveling diver. 71/2x41/2 in., 400 pp. Also in German, French, Dutch and Spanish editions.


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Coral Reef Guide: Red Sea by Ewald Lieske and Robert F. Myers


The definitive guide to over 1200 species of marine life inhabiting the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. Each species is covered by a superb close-up photograph or supplemental illustration and a concise detailed account that includes common name, scientific name, maximum size, important identifying features and notes on ecology, behavior, life history and geographic distribution. Covers fishes, reptiles, mammals, invertebrates and common marine plants. Introduction includes the unique geology and oceanography of the Red Sea, reef structure and zonation, human impacts, ecology and behavior of reef animals, dangerous marine life and important dive sites. Also in German and Russian.


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